The most iconic American sweets bakery in the world

Magnolia Bakery Qatar is franchise of Magnolia New York. Since opening in 1996, it has become the most widely recognized bakery in the world. Renowned for small-batch baking and handcrafted baked goods, charming vintage atmosphere and outstanding customer service, Magnolia Bakery has created a unique sensory experience that has made it a destination.

At its heart, Magnolia Bakery is about celebrating moments big and small, from birthday parties, weddings and baby showers to a promotion at work and visiting friends and loved ones. Celebrations are relevant across all cultures and Magnolia Bakery’s handmade desserts, particularly our cupcakes and cakes, allow us to customize products based on a customer’s personal preference through our Cake Salon platform.


More than 1,000 unsolicited franchise requests in the last two years

Magnolia Bakery has proven its viability with success in a variety of locations, including street level retail, transportation hubs, malls and department stores. Bakery prototype adaptability in a cross-section of environments, combined with Magnolia Bakery’s brand recognition, scalability, innovative product, and high caliber management team, position Magnolia Bakery for continued global expansion. Today, Magnolia Bakery has domestic locations in New York, Chicago, Boston, Washington D.C. and LA. Internationally, the brand has seen extensive growth throughout the Middle East and continues to expand in Asia, and South America.

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First store opened in NYC’s West Village.


As a result of the store’s Sex and the City appearance, the brand is credited with launching the worldwide cupcake craze.


Featured in Saturday Night Live’s Lazy Sunday video, the first viral YouTube video.


The Abrams family acquired Magnolia Bakery.


Opened the brand’s second and third domestic locations in NYC’s Upper West Side and Rockefeller Center.


Opened the brand’s first international location in the Dubai Mall.


Magnolia Bakery’s international franchise program is launched. Magnolia Bakery opens more than 20 locations worldwide, including stores in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha and Manila. Magnolia Bakery also continues to expand in the U.S., opening its first stores in Boston and Washington, D.C.


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Magnolia Bakery is one of the most widely recognized bakery in the world. Magnolia Bakery in Qatar is leading bakery in country.


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